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报告题目:Challenges in academic writing for non-native speakers of English

报告时间:2023年11月2日(周四) 下午16:00-18:00


报告人:Mariana Guduric



Mariana Guduric is a lecturer of various business courses since 2014. She earned an MBA degree in International Business and Commercial Diplomacy at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Also, she earned Master’s degree in Organizational Management at the Sorbonne University in Paris, France. Furthermore, she studied at COPEAD University in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and attended several courses at Business School at Peking University in Beijing. She has a background in teaching, management and business development and has been working in various parts of the world: in the USA, Western and Eastern Europe, China, and the Middle East.


Challenges in academic writing for non-native speakers of English

一、Structuring academic work;

二、Writing effective paragraphs

三、Clarity and conciseness ?

四、Grammatical challenges

五、Academic writing conventions


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